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Solve It! for Kids

The science podcast for curious & creative kids and their families.

Peek into the world of real-life scientists, engineers, and experts as they solve problems in their every day jobs. Kids and families are then invited to take on a challenge and solve a problem themselves! Join Jennifer Swanson and Jedlie as they ask questions, solve problems, and offer challenges that take curiosity and creativity to a whole new level.
be sure to visit our web site, to participate in our weekly challenges! If you do, you can be entered to win a free book. (Different book every month!)

Apr 27, 2021

Our guest today is mechanical engineer and children's author Suzanne Slade. She is going to share with us all of the COOL things NASA has learned about MARS from HiRise. 

Apr 20, 2021

Today we are celebrating a NEW Cohost for the Solve It for Kids Podcast. Please welcome Jeff Gonyea! And now take a listen to a few clips from the our BEST of the Ocean episodes, which includes Sea Turtle scientist Carlee Jackson, ocean photographer Keith Ellenbogen, and famed Aquanaut Fabien Cousteau 

Apr 13, 2021

Today we listen to a replay of some of the best SPACE moments from our Solve It for Kids podcast. Our guests include Dr. Darlene Lim, Astronaut Cady Coleman, and Suzanne Slade. 

Apr 6, 2021

Famed oceanographer Philippe Cousteau Jr is on the podcast to tell us why we should all care about bio-diversity. Philippe explains that the world is filled with a beautifully diverse rainbow of animals, insects, plants, bacteria and even viruses, each playing a role in helping the planet.