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Solve It! for Kids

The science podcast for curious & creative kids and their families.

Peek into the world of real-life scientists, engineers, and experts as they solve problems in their every day jobs. Kids and families are then invited to take on a challenge and solve a problem themselves! Join Jennifer Swanson and Jedlie as they ask questions, solve problems, and offer challenges that take curiosity and creativity to a whole new level.
be sure to visit our web site, to participate in our weekly challenges! If you do, you can be entered to win a free book. (Different book every month!)

Aug 30, 2022

We love to look at stars. But have you ever wondered just how big stars are? Listen to this fascinating chat with Dr. Gerard van Belle, Chief Scientist for the Navy Precision Optical Interferometer at Lowell Observatory and he is going to tell us about the cool technology they use to determine the size and shape of...

Aug 23, 2022

While we all love to do a bit of cloud watching, have you ever thought about the science behind clouds? There is so much more to clouds than just fun animal shapes and rain. Take a listen to the fascinating chat with Jessica Taylor, physical scientist, at NASA's Langley Research Center as she tells us all about how...

Aug 16, 2022

Have you ever wondered how military pilots land helicopters on a planes that are floating on the ocean? Listen to retired Coast Guard helicopter pilot, Elizabeth Booker explain just how difficult it can be. Don't miss this rocking and rolling episode! 

Aug 9, 2022

Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference? It doesn't take a lot of training or experience, it just takes an idea and a determination to succeed. Take a listen to Dr. Marsha Tufft, engineer, as she talks about how she designed an object to help save sea turtles! (and she's not even a biologist!). You may...

Aug 2, 2022

Soar through the stratosphere with a few of our BEST of Flight episodes! You'll hear from LCDR Becky Shaw (Why Would You Fly into a Hurricane),  Norman Black (Why Do Science Experiments Travel By Balloon instead of Jet?), and Nils Larson, NASA's X-59 test pilot (Why Do Planes Make a Sonic Boom?).  You'll have such fun...